Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Concept Overview

Endeavor is a massive multiplayer online game in a voxel-based world. The player is a customizable robot which is capable of building on the terrain, upgrading parts, battling other players and enemies, forming alliances, and will eventually compete to win the server. There will be multiple servers running, which gives players a choice of which one to play.


The map is divided into regions, each with a specific biome. Every player begins the game with 1 region, but can acquire more over time. Rivers separate the regions and cannot be modified. Not all regions are occupied by players, but are computer controlled and can be taken by force.

In the game, there is a different microblock that represents ownership of each region. By obtaining a region’s microblock, you gain that region and everything within it. Microblocks can be stolen or found by any player, so it must be kept safe. Aside from representing property ownership, by inserting the microblock into your robot, the player gains special abilities during the game. A few of these are as follows: faster movement, better weapons, a higher carrying capacity, and teleportation.


The player’s robot is highly customizable from the colors you choose to the fuel type and metal hull. You can design a robot that moves quickly or one that has a high carrying capacity, which can be upgraded.


There is an objective to this game. The goal is to win the server by an alliance. The details of this are still being worked on, but, as of right now, it will be a large object the players must construct.

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